Why It’s Important To Educate Yourself on the Diamond Color and the Diamond Clarity

The typical diamond color grades

After you and your girlfriend have decided to get married, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is pick out a diamond engagement ring. After all, as soon as you tell most people that you’re engaged, they’re going to want to see the ring, and not having it will seem awkward.

So, you’re tasked with picking a good quality ring, that’s not only beautiful, but one that has some elegance and special features that you can talk about expertly. Let’s go over some helpful tips on selecting the best diamond ring for you and your fiancée that also won’t break the budget.

Diamonds Have A Long History Symbolizing Love And Admiration

Round diamond and princess diamondHistorians know that diamonds were thought to represent the tips of the arrows of the God Of Love, Cupid. They contained magic that was stronger than any other because of their symbol of love and romance, that could never be broken. Choosing a diamond for your wedding ring continues a long tradition of love being more powerful than any other feeling or emotion on this earth.

Staying with this symbolism you might also want to add other gemstones that represent different meanings to add to the magic of your diamond. Rubies for example have been associated with rebirth and security in the Hindu religion, or wisdom, health and riches during medieval times.

Any royalty or upper class citizens were sure to have rubies on their rings. Sapphires, emeralds, opals and amethysts each have their own history’s and meanings when added to a diamond engagement ring.

You Should Educate Yourself About Diamonds Before You Start

Many of the jewelry stores that you go to will attempt to educate you on all the different kinds of diamonds, the cuts, quality, colors and every other fine detail. Then, there are other stores that won’t even bother, but they’ll have cheaper prices, and you’ll wonder why.

Some will tell you all the qualities that a diamond has, but not explain what impact that has on the price or why you should care.

If you start at home on the internet, you’ll at least have a beginning knowledge to get started, and you won’t have to count on the sales person waiting on you to tell you the whole story. You’ll also know if the salesperson is lying to you or exaggerating the value of a particular asset in order to increase his commission.

How To Know Which Diamond Color Grade To Choose

You’ll be amazed to learn that diamonds come in a variety of different color grades, many are subtle, while others quite stark in nature. In the past the more clear the diamond the more it cost, however, recently there have been quite a few celebrities that have opted for other colors of diamonds, which has had the effect of raising their popularity with the buying public.

The typical diamond color grades

For the most part though, you’ll want to stick to the regular grading of diamonds that use letters of the alphabet to designate the clarity and color. “D” will represent the clearest and least flawed of all diamonds, and thus will be the most expensive as well. It should be completely colorless to the naked eye, and even when viewed under magnification.

Grade “E” will also be nearly completely colorless to the naked eye, but under very close scrutiny, or magnification, it will be shown to have a slight imperfections. The colors may be only tiny microscopic traces that only experts in diamond grading can see. The “F” grade in color is similar to “E” but with a few more imperfections, again mostly only visible by gemologists and people trained to see them.

Once you get to the “G” grade you will be getting into some color that you may be able to see, and the price should be quite a bit lower than the top quality of a “D” grade diamond. However, for most people, especially those that aren’t going to carry a magnifying glass around to show their diamond, this quality is perfectly fine. Plus, the hit to your wallet will be much less than the upper grades of diamonds.

Diamond color vs clarity

In order to get a good deal you will have to strike a decent balance between the diamond color and the diamond clarity. You need to know the latest research and information on diamond color vs clarity.

Many people ask themselves which is the best clarity and color for a diamond. The above article will give you some clarity.

The scale continues on down from “H” to “N” with each level having some more color or imperfections. These imperfections are caused by slight traces of other minerals that seeped into the diamond as it was growing over millions of years, and have nothing to do with strength, only color.

The Diamond Cut Can Make A Difference

Some diamond cuts will have the appearance of being larger than they actually are, and some cuts may look better on some people because of finger size and shape. If you’re planning on looking online at diamonds, it would still be a good idea to go to the local retail stores in your area, and try on quite a few different cuts of diamonds to see which one you prefer.

Diamonds come in oval, heart, pear, marquis and emerald cuts, each with their own settings that can change the way the diamond rests on the finger. If you are prone to wearing several rings on the same finger, then you’ll want to make sure to get the ring style to match a certain cut doesn’t interfere with the other rings you already have.

By Educating Your Future Wife About Diamonds She’ll Be Your Salesperson

As your fiancée travels about her workplace, friends and family, explaining all the different details about her new diamond, she will be not only educating them, but also showing how important the selection is to you and her.

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Because you’ve taken the time and effort, you’ll be rewarded with a certain amount of faithfulness that can last a lifetime. Other women may become a little jealous, especially if their husbands didn’t go to the trouble, but that’s not your concern at all.

Looking for a diamond ring can be not only educational, but a rewarding experience that a new couple has together. It’s when you find out some of the things that are important to your fiancée, and others that aren’t, regarding money, debt, jewelry, and many other small details that you may never have noticed otherwise.